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What is epiphany

and Why is it important?

In January we will be observing a time on the church calendar called Epiphany which traditionally comes twelve days after Christmas. What is epiphany?

The word epiphany means “to manifest” or “to show,” and in this time the church has traditionally commemorated the visit of the magi and the fact that God showed himself in the person of Christ to the Gentiles. 

This good news is for all people, even the “least likely candidates for God’s love.”

That’s what this time is all about. 

Join us Sundays, at 10:45am, to hear more.

small group study

grace transforming

Start off the new year by learning about God's amazing grace with others! The book and study guide are free at the church. 

All you have to do is sign up for a home group and show up one day a week, for four weeks throughout January. 

In our groups we will eat, laugh, learn and grow together in grace by getting into God's Word together.  

Dates and times for group signup , as well as additional copies of the books and study guides are in the church foyer.

Don't miss a chance to grow! 


helping kids grow closer to christ

Are you looking for an engaging way for your kids to grow closer to Jesus through teaching, games and genuine friendship? The 2018 Awana Clubs season is in full swing, but it is never too late to join us. There is an age-specific club for kids from Kindergarten through High School. Call 217-586-5165 with any questions you may have about Awana Clubs today! 

Click here to learn more about Awana!

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Click here to see the 2018/2019 Awana Calendar!

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