Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry of Community Evangelical Free Church of Mahomet exists to glorify God through teaching children, strengthening and supporting parents so that the Way of Jesus may be lived out in the family. At CEFCM we love and support Children's Ministry time, but we also think there is a great value to having kids in service. 

Sure it is hard at times, they are fidgety, feisty and restless, but that is why we supply busy baskets. Although it may seem like they are not paying attention, they are, and not just to the teaching time. They are also watching the generation before them worship, take communion, practice generosity, faithfulness and ton gather in Jesus' Name. They are taking notes, even if seems like at times that they aren't. 

  • A Place to Learn and Grow!

    Kids' church is a dedicated place in the hour before the Worship Service where the hearts of kids connect with the heart of Jesus through His Word. 

    Each Sunday children experience safe, age-appropriate classes where God’s Word is taught in a creative and relevant way. Our desire is for kids to know God loves them, has provided a path for relationship through Jesus, and has sent the Holy Spirit to empower them.

    9:00am Church Hour

    Preschool through K         Abigail Barrett

    1st through 5th Grade      Rotating Leaders

    Jr High                              Janice Haines

    High School                      Patricia Barrett

    10:00am Church Hour (kids are in church with parents)

    We believe that the best way to teach children to value worship is to have them share in it with their family and friends. There is great value in kids seeing people, both younger and older, loving God and one another as they worship. 

  • After Church

    Did you know that the best part of church happens when you get home?

    Ask your kids what they learned that day. ask them if there was anything they didn't understand or that seemed weird. Ask them what their favorite song was. 

    Chances are you might hear "I don't know?" But you also might be surprised when they share. We can't have faith conversations without first asking. 

  • What We Value 

    God's Love

    The primary objective of our Children's Ministry is to ensure your child gains a clear understanding of God’s love for him or her and to begin to experience his presence in their lives. A variety of creative, engaging Bible stories and related activities are provided to help your child understand they are loved by God. 

    A Safe Environment

    Our volunteers are carefully screened via background checks. We also make sure that your child’s name badge is matched to your parent badge before they can be released from their classroom.